Q: How can LETL provide brand new Vista Comfort Plus at such a great price?

We buy direct from LEVC so there’s no middle man to pay. We’ve deliberately pared our margins right back because our business model depends on offering the best value and service to as many drivers as possible. If you’re happy, you’ll stay with us and recommend us to your peers.

Q: What’s the minimum rent/lease period?

A one-year rent/lease agreement is the minimum period required by many insurance companies, therefore your minimum contract period with LETL is one year.

Q: How long will it take to supply my new vehicle?

After initial contact and when you are happy with our terms, we always hold a meeting in person with every new customer. Once both parties agree to proceed, order for your new vehicle will be placed for immediate delivery.

Q: No contract break penalty at all?

No. If you’re having trouble making payments, we won’t add to your worries. Simply bring the car back to us. As long as you’re up to date with your payments, there’s no further obligation on your part.

Q: What happens if I have an accident?

As with any vehicle rent/leasing scheme, you’ll need to maintain adequate insurance to cover any damage to the vehicle.

Q: Who is London Electric Taxi Leasing?

We are a British partnership, based in Egham, Surrey, just few miles from Heathrow, with extensive experience of the high-end luxury vehicles sector. Most of our funding comes from private investors.